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WAC India Awards is a unit of WAC People Council and WAC Global Human Rights Foundation. The unit of WAC India Awards was formed with the responsibility to hold the awards functions of WAC Group. The WAC India Awards organises award programs not only in India but globally too. It is run by WACINDIA.ORG

It is one of the biggest platform for veteran as well as budding talents to show their potential. The national as well as international members and recognization of the awards increases your visibility among others. Get recognised for what you are good in.

Empowering Minds: The Inspiring Journey of Dr. VK Bajaj & Dr. Jyoti V Bajaj on a Mission to Revolutionize Education

Dr. VK Bajaj & Dr. Jyoti V Bajaj’s influence expanded beyond their own projects. Recognizing the power of collaboration, they actively engaged with other influential figures, organizations, and governments. They used their platform to advocate for policy changes that prioritize education and channel resources towards marginalized communities. Their relentless efforts inspired a global movement, attracting support from philanthropists, celebrities, and the public

Inspirational Leadership and Global Advocacy of Dr. VK Bajaj & Dr. Jyoti V Bajaj.

As passionate advocates for education and common good, the couple traveled extensively, delivering inspiring speeches, conferences, hosting award shows and sharing success stories from their projects. Their vision reached millions through various media channels, spreading awareness and inspiring others to join their cause. Dr. VK Bajaj & Dr. Jyoti V Bajaj understood that their impact would be amplified by empowering others to become change agents.

Dr. VK Bajaj & Dr. Jyoti V Bajaj unwavering commitment to providing better education and making this world a better home to the needy has transformed countless lives and ignited a global movement for change. Through their innovative solutions, inspirational leadership, and tireless advocacy, they have laid the groundwork for a future where education and basic need is a universal rights, fostering a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

1st Award Distribution Ceremony 2020

2nd Award Distribution Ceremony 2021

3rd Award Distribution Ceremony 2022

4th Award Distribution Ceremony 2023

4th Award Distribution Ceremony 2023

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